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Mixed Bed Units

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Mixed Bed Units

Demineralisers use both cation and anion resin to remove dissolved solids in the water. The cation resin must be regenerated using acid and the anion resin using caustic or brine.

A wide range of demineralisers is available including our D series, which has two ion exchange columns containing separate beds of cation and anion exchange resins; M series single column mixed bed demineralisers, in which the cation and anion resins are mixed; and variations of these types.

In cases where flow rates and daily consumption figures are high, selection of the type of demineralisation equipment best suited to the application being considered is arrived at by carefully examining several variations of demineralisation systems and several types of resin. Pretreatment of the water to be demineralised is often necessary in cases where the raw water contains appreciable quantities of suspended solids and organic matter. The pretreatment normally consists of a coagulation vessel followed by a sand and carbon filter or, in some cases, a carbon filter on its own suffices. Automatic and manual equipment is available.

Typical applications:

  • Electronics industry - Certain specialised industrial processes in the electronics industry and related fields require water with minimum specific resistance of t 8.0 megohms/cm. This extremely high level of water quality is often referred to as 'electronic water, 18meg/ohm water or ultra pure water' and represents a total dissolved solids content in the range of 0.01 to 0.05 parts per million.
  • Pharmaceutical &. Cosmetic Production
  • Chemical Manufacture
  • Mirror Silvering - final rinse water
  • Distilleries - deproofing of spirits
  • High Pressure Boiler Feed Water
  • AWE design and supply complete treatment systems to consistently deliver this very high level of water quality to work stations.

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