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Reverse Osmosis

Reverse Osmosis is now an accepted and field tested process for the removal of both ionisable and non-ionisable impurities from water and other liquids. Utilising hollow fibre or spiral wound modules, units can be custom designed to suit all raw water conditions and capacities.

As Reverse Osmosis is a departure from conventional water treatment processes, it has many unique advantages:

  • Capable of reducing ionisable solids content in the raw water to the range of 5%
  • Capable of eliminating particulate matter larger than the 0.45 micron size
  • Removes 99% of organic matter, bacteria and spores
  • Does not employ mineral acids and alkalis, thus alleviating effluent disposal problems
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Operates on water with a solids content beyond the economic level of ion exchange

The complete plant generally includes the following components;

  • Pre-treatment to reduce the fouling tendencies of raw water
  • Adjustment of the Langelier Index either by base exchange softening or acidification
  • Reverse Osmosis Unit, designed to suit raw water conditions, capacity and quality specified
  • Storage of treated water to meet flow demand to service
  • Post treatment deionisers, if necessary, to polish treated water

For further information download our standard light industrial range reverse osmosis brochure.

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