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Base Exchange softeners utilise cation resin to change scale-forming calcium and magnesium ion (total hardness) into non scale-forming (soft) sodium ions. When the resin is exhausted it must be regenerated with a common salt solution.

Softeners are the most common type of ion exchange equipment and find numerous applications in the UK, where the majority of the water is hard.


  • Basic boiler water treatment
  • Laundries
  • Bottle and dish washing machines
  • General hot water duties where scale formation could give rise to problems

AWE have various ranges of softeners. The 'packaged plant' range covers the domestic up to the small industrial size. These can handle hardness levels either up to or in excess of 350 mg/I and flow rates up to 100m3/hr. The vessels are manufactured from GRP and regeneration is fully automatic via a multiport valve. The industrial range handles all flow rates in excess of 40m3/hr and utilises carbon steel pressure vessels, industrial valves and microprocessor control regeneration. Automatic regeneration is normally initiated by time clock or water meter. Where necessary, AWE can supply a range of sizes of bulk salt saturator tanks. These are fabricated in GRP, are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and take salt deliveries directly from road tankers. For further information download our standard softeners brochure or our domestic cabinet range.

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