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Spares and Services

AWE Limited offer comprehensive service and maintenance contracts for all types of water purification equipment.

AWE Limited also specialise in the repair and refurbishment of existing equipment including:

  • Filter sand media removal, disposal and replacement
  • Carbon media removal, disposal and replacement
  • Ion Exchange media removal, disposal and replacement
  • Automation of existing manual plant
  • Repair / replacement of pressure vessels and storage tanks
  • Modifications to pipework
  • Valve repair and replacement service
  • Pump repair and replacement service
  • Eductor / ejector repair and replacement service
  • Supply, install and commission bulk acid and caustic chemical tanks

AWE has contracts for clients who are based across the length and breadth of the United Kingdom utilising the skills of our strategically placed water treatment engineers.

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Multi Media Filters
Sand and Carbon filters
Softeners and Dealkalisers
RO Plant
Reverse Osmosis
Spares and Services